revoox Automated Test System

revoox ATS is a completely automated test solution for mobile devices, fully integrated to an industry-standard 19“ rack. It autonomously carries out product specific function test sequences without a human operator. The system was designed with the technical and business needs of the reverse logistics and repair industries in mind. revoox ATS also supports requirements for research and development, app integration testing, and other use cases.

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The system provides a test enclosure with sufficient room for a wide variety of smartphones and tablets (with up to 12′ displays). The system supports Android and iOS  devices. Product testing can be mixed by model, operating system, and technology. The correct pre-loaded test sequence can be automatically identified without operators intervention. Operation of revoox ATS is simple and intuitive. The system can be operated without training.

Off the shelf, xixLab provides test sequences readily prepared for incoming inspection and quality assurance. Average end-to-end test duration is between 2.5 and 3 minutes for Android products. Test duration depends on the individual model, use case specifics, and customer requirements. The manual touch time per unit for insertion to and removal from the system is around 20 seconds. This means one operator can run around 8 to 10 systems in parallel. This can reduce staff time required for functional testing by up to 90%.

Test results are written to local files and also uploaded to a cloud database for tracking, documentation, and analytical purposes.

test subjectivity
test traceability
manual test effort reduction
net test time reduction
reproducable test execution

xixLab Cloud

The xixLab cloud hosts all historic test information uploaded by revoox Automated Test Systems and the revoox Repair Assistance software. As units move through reverse logistic and repair processes, test information uploaded earlier is accessible to revoox systems and revoox tools for technical purposes. For example this data can be used to make subsequent testing more effective or monitor an organization's performance. Reports can be generated and data exported for customers use. Privacy is guaranteed and customers can only access data their systems have created.

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In addition, the xixLab cloud allows customers to effectively manage product, repair, and service information. Documents needed by the operation are uploaded to the cloud, stored securely, and looked up by Repair Assistance tools for a product locally identified and tethered to a repair bench. Outdated documents are deleted and no longer shown to users. Instead up-to-date versions are provided to technicians or other users as needed. This system works globally and can be easily leveraged by decentralized organizations.

Repair Assistance

While quality assurance requires a strictly configured test sequence, technicians need full flexibility in choosing individual tests for repair. Repair technicians also need details on hand about what tests failed during inspection of the particular unit or from prior tests to improve repair effectiveness. Our revoox Repair Assistance software supports these needs. It provides a full range of individual semi-automated function tests to technicians without the need for a hardware system.

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Repair Assistance also provides an integrated information management tool which brings customer-owned documentation directly to repair benches. Why is this a good idea? Because at the repair bench, products are automatically identified by the tool and all current, relevant information for the specific product is provided to technicians at the time when it is needed. Managing a flood of ever-changing information like repair bulletins and product documentation on the operation floor is a daunting task. The tool makes it possible to ensure only relevant, up-to-date information is delivered while usage information is tracked and monitored.

Use revoox Repair Assistance to turn customer owned instructions or manufacturer bulletins into technician actions and then monitor their execution. For relevant actions to be followed the software provides a function to show the related documents to the technician, provides buttons to confirm an action has been carried out, and optionally includes a result of “pass” or “fail”. The tool’s usage is logged. Unit ID information and test details provide a trace for each individual unit including a confirmation that required process steps have been carried out. This helps to enforce process compliance and also provides required documentation for ISO9001 (and business customer reviews).

Repair Tool Box: Individually accessible function-tests

Test logging: Unit IDs logged along with test results

LIfetime test result lookup: Technicians immediately see all earlier test results

Integrated information management: Product-specific documentation lookup

No test hardware required: No additional hardware to be installed

New product support: Free-of-charge functional updates

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