Delivering turn-key solutions

revoox test systems are delivered ready to run, fully integrated, with the dimensions of a 19’’ industry rack preconfigured. All hardware and software are on board so you can start testing immediately.

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Though we love to explain how our systems work, we want revoox users to be able to focus on their business (not on testing technology). We carefully listen to our customers to understand their requirements and deliver complete solutions.  revoox systems are shipped ready-to-run.  All hardware components, software, product fixtures, product-specific test recipes, cloud database for results – everything you need to install on site and start testing is included.

New Product Service

xixLab continuously adds support for new products entering the market. The mobile device industry is known for dynamic and short product lifecycles. Large numbers of new products continuously stream into the market. revoox mobile device testing is product specific. xixLab provides systematic updates to keep pace with the new technology. We are constantly adding pre-defined product test sequences.

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xixLab’s revoox system software architecture allows you to introduce a new product very quickly. revoox functionality and tests for new mobile product technology are constantly integrated. Our engineering team creates the most efficient test sequences for new products and provides them to our customers.

Software deployment works through our online servers, so updating systems in production is easy.  You have control of all system updates.

Providing use-case specific test sequences

Our revoox test system supports a wide range of use cases throughout the mobile device life cycle (spanning R&D, manufacturing, and after-market service). All use cases have specific test requirements which need to be reflected in dedicated test sequences. revoox comes with unique test sequences optimized for each use case to yield the best results in the least amount of test time.

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xixLab can provide customer-specific test sequences, addressing particular needs.

During daily operation it might be difficult for test operators to select the correct test recipe for a device. xixLab technology helps ensure the correct sequence is automatically chosen.


Every customer's process is different. We know that is for good reason. Our products are tailored to fit customer processes rather than expecting customers to adopt ours. For example, xixLab offers custom user interfaces and IT integration.

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The revoox system architecture supports flexibility in many ways. Whether it is how a particular mobile product is tested for an individual customer or how a user interface looks and the functions it presents to meet customer process requirements, revoox can be adjusted quickly. Furthermore revoox system test result data output can be provided in formats for easy import into customer IT systems.

xixLab considers itself a test engineering arm of your company. We are excited to learn about your requirements!

Technical support

xixLab considers technical support a key differentiator in the market. When you rely on our solutions for your daily operation we know you expect system reliability and responsiveness from our team. In the case of system failure, we guarantee quick recovery in accordance with service level agreements.

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revoox is carefully crafted following the highest standards. Still even the most solid product could one day fail. We are prepared to support you. At xixLab, technical support has the highest priority with our team. We jump on difficulties reported right away, sort things out quickly, and make adjustments to prevent future incidents.


Successful automation of testing can lead to significant cost reduction, optimized operational processes, and higher quality. Still changing your process to include test automation could introduce the risks of reduced flexibility, external dependencies, and disintegration of a holistic process followed for years. We work closely with customers to avoid these risks. xixLab reviews current processes and helps customers decide the most efficient, holistic strategy for introducing test automation.

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We at xixLab know there is no universal automated testing solution suited for all organizations. We work with our customers to identify the best possible solution for a given point in time.  We ensure the process layout and help select the tools and systems to provide the flexibility needed to finetune the solution in a constantly changing business environment. Scenarios are customer specific.  There is no way address them all with just one standard process.

Our staff has relevant engineering experience from the inception of the mobile industry in the early 1990’s. We provide this knowledge and experience to our customers when designing individual strategies for test automation.  We aim to integrate our solutions flawlessly into daily operations while carefully considering the specifics of established processes.

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