Our team's passion

At xixLab we are a passionate, interdisciplinary team of specialists. We eagerly work to develop world-class test solutions for mobile devices. With over 20 years of relevant engineering and management expertise our senior team members have a background in mobile device manufacturing, audio/video broadcasting equipment production, and fine electronic research and development. Our junior engineers bring fresh knowledge about the latest trends in mobile app technologies, digital picture analysis, and big data from the university setting. As a team we are a unique blend of seasoned professionals providing world-class mobile device test solutions.

About listening to customers

We know every customer and operational process is different for good reason. While our solutions are available off-the-shelf, the design and architecture are carefully engineered to allow greater flexibility in meeting each customer's specific needs. We start by listening to our customers. With a detailed understanding of customer processes, requirements and environments as a starting point, we have the knowledge to offer solutions perfectly suiting your needs.

2 goals we have...

1 – Customers choose our products because they are simply best on the market.

2 – Customers choose us as long-term partner because we are reliable, fair and always (always!) care for their needs.

What we get out of this:

xixLab team members love what they do. We are motivated to stretch our abilities and enjoy providing the best products to our customers.

We are looking for talents:
You want to join xixLab?

Based in Flensburg, Germany's most northern town, xixLab is located in a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea. We are a small company where everyone has important responsibilities and makes a difference to the success of our projects. We believe in people and the power of motivation. We are constantly looking for talent. If you want to be part of our team and like the idea of living in the charming Flensburg Fjord, we would be excited to get your prospective application!